Frequently Asked Questions

How long are classes?
Classes run every Saturday from 8-5pm for 10 weekends. Personal study time during
the week is required.

What is the role of a Dental Assistant?
A dental assistant plays an active and important role in the dental practice. Their role can encompass everything from greeting a patient and ensuring they are comfortable, to taking x-rays and assisting the dentist as they perform every type of dental procedure.

Is ATS right for me?
Absolutely. ATS is an open learning environment for anyone of any age, male or female who wants to pursue a career as a dental assistant.

What does the course cover?
The ATS course has been carefully designed to give you the practical and theoretical knowledge you need as a dental assistant. Some areas covered include: Sterilization, Radiology, General Dental Terminology, Patient Care and use and handling of dental tools and equipment.

Do I need previous experience as a Dental Assistant?
Not at all. That’s the great thing about this training program, you don’t have to have worked in the dental or any other healthcare profession in order to participate. All you need is a fun-loving and positive attitude and a desire to succeed.

What type of certificate will I receive upon completion of the course?
Upon a successful completion you will receive a Dental Assisting Certificate and a Radiology Certificate.

Who would be great canidate for dental assisting?
Anyone with good dexterity and general good health can be a dental assistant with the right training.

Can a "front office" dental employee benefit?
Absolutely! The more dental knowledge an employee has the more valuable they become! Imagine having the flexibility to do everything in a dental office!

Top reasons to attend Assist To Succeed Dental Assisting School:

  1. Dental assisting professionals will always be in demand.
  2. Dental assistants always learn new and exciting things.
  3. Dental assistants enjoy respect as professionals.
  4. Assist To Succeed classes run on Saturdays.
  5. Assist To Succeed tuition is only $3995!
  6. Assist To Succeed courses are only 10 weekends.
  7. Assist To Succeed courses receive rave reviews from the students and the doctors who hire them.
  8. Assist To Succeed gives you the tools you need to succeed in a fun, fast paced world!
  9. Assist To Succeed courses cost less (thousands of dollars less-yes thousands less than other courses in Colorado).
  10. It is time to invest in your own success!
  11. Limited class size will benefit from more personal attention.