Meet Our Instructors

Dr. Ken Gasper, Founder of Assist to Succeed Colorado Springs and Owner of Aesthetic Dentistry by Design

Dr. Gasper is an international lecturer and has countless hours of continuing education. He is dedicated to providing outstanding dental care with the latest technology for his patients. He has provided exceptional dental care to the Springs for more than 30 years.

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Patricia Bloss, D.D.S.

Dr. Bloss has practiced dentistry for more than 30 years and has done every job in a dental office from assisting to being the dentist in her own active practice for twenty years. Dr. Bloss has the knowledge to pass along the skills dentists are looking for.

What does the job prospect look like for Dental Assistants?

"Even when the economy takes a down turn, people still need dental care. Typically, there is a shortage of good, personal and reliable dental assistants. I am excited to assist with this school. It is a comprehensive program that builds upon the basics. Students will feel comfortable entering a dental office with the skills they acquire."


Karen Paoli, EFFDA, Dr. Todd Rogers

Karen brings 37 years of experience and knowlege to Assist to Succeed Colorado Springs.

Why is Dental Assisting a good career choice?

"It is financially and personally rewarding. It's also a very stable career.
There is always room to grow in your career and salary."




Michelle Bowers, Dental Assistant, Dr. Ken Gasper

Michell has 16 years of dental experience including: General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Radiology, TMJ, Periodontics and Patient Care. She provides valuable insight to help students learn exactly what is takes to be successful as a Dental Assistant.

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